Calgary Web Design

You can trust UGO Media for all your web design needs.

A website isn’t just a fancy business card, it can be a powerful sales and marketing tool for your business. We pride ourselves on the ability to create the most modern, beautiful, and functional websites to take your online presence to the next level. Every website we build has the proper metrics implemented so that you gain powerful insights on your market and prospective customers.
We are always striving to learn the latest technologies available so that we provide you with the custom solutions your business needs. Whether you need a custom blog built or a complex custom platform, UGO has got you covered!

When you go with the experts, your website stands out from the rest.

What’s the point of a website? Why should you trust us to provide you with the skilled web design and development your business needs?

As of 2018, more than 50% of websites are accessed via a mobile phone or tablet, having a mobile-responsive website is a necessity. At UGO Media, we specialize in making websites that resize perfectly on any device. Whether its a smartphone, laptop, or a projector, your site’s visitors will love what they’re seeing.

Beautiful Websites

Don’t just settle for a simple website with a wall of text. Wow your visitors! We want to bring your ideas to life with an aesthetically pleasing website that stands out from the rest. If your website gives your customers a fun experience, they will be open to starting a discussion with you!

Modern Functionality

Websites don’t have to be a place to just put pictures and words. Let’s create a solution for your business that will make a certain task or pain-point more efficient; saving you time and money. When you create an easier experience for your users they will trust that you can get the job done efficiently, and properly.

Reach more Customers

Don’t get lost on the fifth page of Google and Yahoo. Don’t blindly advertise to all of Calgary in hopes of landing a customer. UGO Media will show you how to find your ideal customers, and how to reach them properly.