Calgary Web Design

Cater your marketing efforts to reach the modern consumer.

UGO Media understands how to deliver content that consumers want to see because of our experience managing social media accounts. We deliver content to 70K+ people every single day. There are lots of people who want to see your product or service, do you know how to reach them?
Platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer businesses a powerful marketing tool like the world has never seen before. Did you know you can specifically target advertisements to reach people based on specific traits such as “Frequent Business Traveller”, or “Likely to adopt new technologies”? We will create a custom marketing plan for your business so that you reach more prospective users than ever before.

Push out content that motivates your followers to take action.

We understand what it takes to grow a social media account. We will create a creative campaign for your business that will get more eyes on your products and services, grow your followers, and convert them into paying customers. Take the guesswork out of social media and use our proven model to get ahead of your competition.