Calgary Web Design

UGO Media was created to fill a gap in the development world.

It’s 2018, big ideas don’t always need to cost big sums of money. Our approach is to use the latest development languages available to create a solution that is affordable and built to last. We take pride in our ability to create mobile-friendly solutions that will drive more traffic to your website while providing an enjoyable experience.

Anything that you want built, can be built.

By studying different existing frameworks and platforms, we are able to cut out large chunks of development time which results in a better working, lower costing end product for our customers. The development world is one that is constantly working together to create, and develop new solutions to existing problems. We aim to bring that world to you while making complicated concepts easy to understand. 
Founded in 2012, we’ve had the pleasure of helping our clients grow their businesses through a variety of services. We are constantly striving to learn more development languages by immersing ourselves in complex projects.